Howard Keating, Chief Executive Officer (Co-Founder)

Most recently, Keating was the founder and CEO of the largest Small and Medium business contractual portal providing businesses access $350 billion in global contracts. He has been involved with over 25 start-up companies and 16 turnarounds within the national and international business communities. Business experience spans a wide range of industries including research and development, manufacturing, software, broadcasting, electronics, industrial and residential land development, alternative energy, biotech, health care, remote imaging and venture capital. Keating specializes in launching fast growth opportunities and managing them to profitability. He has over thirty years of experience working with Federal Departments and Agencies in Washington D. C. This has led to longstanding relationships with leaders that formulate policies of importance to businesses, including The Honorable Donald Regan, William Seidman, The Honorable Clayton Yeutter, and Reid Rundell.  He was chosen to participate in the National Commission on Innovation and Productivity under a former U.S President. He organized and chaired the World Summit for Small Businesses in Washington D.C. Keating has been an active member of numerous business and trade associations including National Black Chamber of Commerce, National Latino Collation, National Association of Women Business Owners and National Native American Business Alliance. He has been an active advocate for minority business owners with the private and public sector. Keating has been a guest lecturer at universities, private educational institutes and over 60 international trade consulates focusing on issues surrounding Small Business.  Keating has an Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces of the U.S. Army.  

Susan Wellman, Senior Vice President, Strategic Relations 

Wellman helped create the largest contractual portal for small businesses in the world.  As Co-Founder of Keating Network, Wellman helped develop the strategy and vision of creating the first of its kind global business community solution for the estimated 600 million small medium enterprises, globally.  Wellman possesses extensive experience in strategic relations, sales management and consulting. By managing strategic relationships for Keating Network, Wellman has created strong alliances with many global corporations, government agencies in Washington, DC including the Department of Commerce, the U.S. State Department, Export-Import Bank of the U.S., Homeland Security and the World Bank. As a corporate account director and regional director for Johnson & Johnson, Wellman led the sales teams to top national rankings during a pharmaceutical sales career that spanned more than two decades. Using her sales expertise and leadership skills, Wellman developed learning solutions designed to improve performance outcomes for the sales and marketing functions of such companies as Bayer, Biogen Idec, Indevus, Johnson & Johnson, MedImmune, Pfizer, and Sankyo Pharma.

Wellman joined Keating in 2006 and built the largest business-to-business contractual Web portal in the world. Wellman received her MBA from Wayne State University in International Business.

William Abele, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing

William Abele has been working in the automotive marketing arena for 34 years. He began with the Sandy Corporation in 1976 working exclusively on Chevrolet business. He went on his own in 1982 and promptly was contracted to help produce the Ford Dealer New Product Announcement Show.

In 1983, William was contracted by Ross Roy to produce Chrysler’s 1984 Model Dealer Announcement Show, featuring the premiere of the minivan. He continued working on Chrysler business with Ross Roy, becoming its Executive Vice President, Communications and Training. William was responsible for all Chrysler dealer shows, events, and in-dealership training.  In 2000, he formed Clear!Blue Communications with his other partners. Chrysler and General Motors were the primary clients at Clear!Blue. William has a BA in Communications and MA in Communications Management from Wayne State University.

Carl Rundell, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

An executive “corporate athlete”, Rundell thrives under pressure and rapid change, applying the same methods used to reach world-class athletic performance to sustain peak performance in business. Over 15 years of consulting experience, with a proven track record of leadership, sales and delivery success enabled through his competencies in strategic planning, program management, and business transformation initiatives. Led and supported projects ranging from short-term performance efficiency workshops to large-scale, global operational redesign and system implementation efforts.

Started and participated in several startup companies, therefore understands the need for a mix of freedom and responsibility that business requires for true innovation. As with athletic training, does not seek out the adrenaline, as much as the pleasure of knowing where the dangers are and calculating the risk in every project.

Manuel Rosales, Senior Vice President, Director of International & Government Affairs

Manuel “Manny “A Rosales currently serves as the Deputy Director in the Coalitions Division of the Republican National Committee.  Before joining the RNC he was elected to the Board of the Directors of The Latino Coalition (TLC) and also served as the Director of the Washington, DC office where he was the Chair of the TLC’s Policy, Government and International Relations Committee.  Mr. Rosales served as President and CEO of the Caribbean Central American Action, a Washington-based NGO that focuses on the Caribbean Basin. Mr. Rosales served as the Assistant Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of International Trade, where he acted as the Administrator’s principal advisor on international trade, educational and technical assistance, risk management and finance programs designed to assist U.S. small businesses in the international marketplace.  Before moving to Washington, Mr. Rosales successfully operated his own California-based financial services company, Inter-American Financial Services.  With a career in banking, Mr. Rosales acted as Vice President of the Bank of California.  He was recruited to serve as the Vice President of the Capital Preservation Fund (now known as the Benham Capital Management Group), the nation’s first money-market fund.

 Randy Nash, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Randy launched his career with international CPA firms, Deloitte & Touche and Price Waterhouse Coopers. He transitioned to the entrepreneurial world from public accounting in 1984 where he joined a startup software company that was ultimately acquired by Fortune 100 Company, Simon & Schuster.  He acted as President and CEO concurrently of 2-sister technology companies, one of which was sold to a $5 billion Dutch publishing house.  He has devoted the last 20 years of his career taking leadership roles in start-up and turnaround companies in need of direction. 

Richard Schroeter, Chief Financial Officer

Financial executive with over 30 years of experi
ence. Developed expertise includes in part: negotiation, public and private debt, leasing, institutional investing, investor relations, cash management, budgeting, financial planning, insurance, taxes, mergers and acquisitions and accounting.  Schroeter held roles as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to Microgistix, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Airtran Airways, President, Northwest Aircraft Inc., Vice President and Controller, Continental Airlines Inc., Vice President and Treasurer, Eastern Airlines.   

Keating Network’s Business Community Solution is not just a trend or a strategy – but rather, a necessary evolution.  The trends in technology and society are changing the way we do business. We need to rethink how we structure our organizations to handle these emerging trends and leverage them.  The business community solution will revolutionize the way we do business.  ​


​​There is explosive growth potential with 600 million businesses that are classified as small and medium businesses, those with fewer than 500 employees. Our goal is to get them to think and act collectively in a Business Community Solution. Together, they represent nearly 98 percent of all businesses in the world. Beyond that, we are also targeting the millions of high school and college students who are going to be the next generation of businesses and build community among them with learning solutions and contests. 

Best Practices – KN will build a best practice model for every industry and country.  We will also analyze goods and services being sold, where they are being shipped and why.  


Keating Network